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Desires of Lady Elise

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Secrets of Lady Lucy

Book 1 - Agents of the Home Office

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Book 3 - Agents of the Home Office


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Book 1 - The Hadfields

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Book 2 - The Hadfields

Loving a Dowager

Book 3 of The Hadfields


A Little about Rachel Ann Smith

Rachel Ann Smith writes steamy historical romances with a twist. Her debut series, Agents of the Home Office, features female protagonists that defy convention.


When Rachel isn’t writing, she loves to read and spend time with her family. She is frequently found with her Kindle by the pool during the summer, on the soccer field in the spring and fall, or curled up on the couch during the winter months.


She currently lives in Colorado with her extremely understanding husband and their two very supportive children.



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He has habits he’d rather no one know about.


Benedict Brownstone, the Duke of Fairmont, is on the hunt for a Duchess. 

But the woman he seeks needs to possess certain qualities – patience most of all.


She has a mind for politics, not fashion plates.


Discussing investment opportunities and politics with her best friend’s older brother, is Miss Dorinda Arnet’s favorite pastime. 


When the Duke asks Dorinda to provide her opinion of the fair ladies of the ton, she realizes Benedict regards her daily visits to his library in a vastly different light than she.


Will Dorinda agree to take the Duke’s duchess test?

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Secrets of Lady Lucy

Book 1 - Agents of the Home Office

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